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Vermeer Corporation, located in Pella, Iowa, manufactures over 30 different types and 150 models of equipment ranging from round balers for hay production, brush chippers for tree and brush disposal to horizontal directional drills for underground pipeline and utility installations.

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Operations can process wood waste into a manageable energy solution such as an alternative fuel source, sellable product, tax deductible donation or component in a manufactured blend with a Vermeer horizontal or tub grinder.

Vermeer offers a full lineup of horizontal and tub grinders to fit size, space and material requirements. Horizontal grinder models are available with a track or trailer undercarriage design to meet jobsite demands, while Vermeer tub grinders offer loader or non-loader options to assist with material handling. Both types are equipped to process material ranging from long limbs to stumps and root balls.

Support Equipment

Reclaiming Systems

Reclaiming systems were designed as mud recyclers for use with horizontal directional drills, but they can also be used in the aggregates industry as a water recycler. The Vermeer R9x12 reclaimer can be used as a standalone solution, in place of a settling pond or in cooperation with a pre-existing settling pond system.

A reclaimer can be the first step in the water recycling process if the operation is already utilizing a settling pond to provide clean water for washing stone. Used water feeds into the reclaimer, which removes fines and then discharges clean water into the pond. This drastically reduces the need for dredging and allows for easy recovery of fines for blending in other products.

As a standalone water treatment system, the R9x12 allows operations to forego the traditional settling pond system. Taking water from the operation's wash system, it separates material from the water, feeding clean water back into the plant, while also discharging fine material for further blending or processing.

Support Equipment

Trommel Screens

Vermeer trommel screens are self-contained, portable units designed to separate materials by size. In a mining or quarry applications, a trommel screen can be used to separate valuable aggregates from the stripped material or to further process fines ensuring all materials are available for manufacture or sale. Vermeer offers five different models of trommel screens with varying capacities and screen sizes that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the operation.

Other Terrain Leveler Surface Excavation Machines

In addition to the Vermeer T1255 and T1655 Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines, Vermeer offers the Terrain Leveler attachment for smaller tractors including the T855, T955, T1055 and T1155.

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