T1255 Terrain Leveler

  • T1255 Terrain Leveler
  • T1255 Terrain Leveler
  • T1255 Terrain Leveler

The Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine features cutting-edge technology designed to bring precision excavation to mining, quarry and site prep operations. Configure with a direct drive drum or chain drive drum to match project requirements and help maximize productivity.

  • 600 hp CAT C18 ACERT Tier 3 engine
  • Sophisticated TEC® Plus operating system
  • Direct drive drum option provides a more efficient use of power
  • Chain drive drum option enables the machine to cut vertical high walls and square corners
  • Cuts up to 144" wide in a single pass at depths up to 27"

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  • Dual Tracks

    Enhances maneuverability with 360-degree rotation capability to easily reposition or operate in small or narrow spaces.

  • TEC Plus

    Monitors control modules, including auto adjustment of ground speed, for ease of operation and maximized productivity.

  • Elevated Cab

    Provides a productive vantage point and climate-controlled atmosphere, as well as protection from rollover and falling objects.

  • Stability

    Wide tracks and low center of gravity provide safe operation in a variety of ground conditions with reduced tipping danger.

  • Rear Mounted Drum

    Minimizes contact of cut material and makes it easily accessible for service and teeth replacement in the field.

  • Tilt Drum

    Allows for the formation of a smooth, flat floor in the mine or quarry, which can be sloped to allow drainage towards a sump.

Top-down Cutting Technology

Top-down Cutting Technology
  • Cutting teeth gain penetration without using the machine's tractive effort to drive the teeth into the material.
  • The drum cuts down on the rock face and produces a consistent-sized product.
  • Material passes under the drum and out the rear of the machine — which minimizes contact between the material and the machine — keeping the original sizing intact and reducing wear on teeth and holders.
  • This method allows for cutting in harder materials than machines that cut in an upward direction.